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Pharmaceutical Water : Ozone Generator

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Pharmaceutical industry uses ozone to create pharmaceutical grade water which is used for both cleaning equipment and manufacturing products. Adding ozone to water serves as a microbial disinfectant which reacts with bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. It creates removable solids from dissolved minerals. Ozone can also neutralize certain chemicals, break down pesticides and remove color. It leaves no taste, odor and – most importantly for the pharmaceutical industry – no dangerous chemical residue. Ozone has a very high oxidation potential and works quickly, enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

During pharmaceutical manufacturing process, ozone is used to treat pharmaceutical grade water as well as water for injection. As the ozone injected water is flushed through the distribution system, disinfection is extremely effective compared to conventional steam-cleaning system.

System Layout

Typical process water systems in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries incorporate a water storage tank with recirculating ring to distribute water to the process machines and applications. Such systems are subject to biological activity with biofilm development on pipe walls and in the storage tank. Whilst UV units can control the bacteria levels in the water, bacteria such as Pseudomonas species will continue to develop, producing biofilm throughout the system and compromising the water quality. Control of such biofilm can only be achieved by circulating a disinfectant or biocide throughout the system. Ozone provides a safe and effective cleaning and biocidal treatment, replacing heat sterilization and chemical processes previously used.

Normal Operation

Pharmaceutical Water

In normal operating mode, ozone injection into the recirculating loop return prior to the storage tank provides continuous disinfection of the tank and stored water. An ozone destruct UV lamp is placed on the output flow from the tank prior to the first point of use. This ensures that the residual ozone is destroyed and high quality sterile water is provided.